Gotransverse Reports

Reports are run with Gotransverse's reporting tool. From the Gotransverse Navigation Bar, select Reports>>Gotransverse Reports.

Gotransverse provides a reporting tool so you can view and analyze details about your Customers, transactions, and system setup. Reports can be viewed, printed, emailed, or exported to provide you with the insight on how your business is performing. You can use the reporting tool to run predefined Standard reports or to create new Interactive reports. You can use Standard reports immediately, or you can filter by specific information to run reports uniquely relevant to your business. Additionally, you can run reports in the background and schedule reports to run automatically.

Gotransverse provides three types of reports:

  • Interactive Reports - Interactive reports include any reports that you have created. Interactive reports can be saved to your User folder for your personal use or saved to the Company folder for easy sharing and collaboration. For details and instructions on creating an Interactive Report, see Interactive Reports. For information on viewing a saved Interactive Report, see Running a Report.
  • Standard Reports - Standard reports are predefined and you can use them immediately, or you can filter by specific information to run reports relevant to your business. Each report includes a set of predefined filters with default values that you can modify if needed. For details about Standard reports, see Standard Reports. For instructions on running a Standard Report, see Running a Report.
  • Custom Reports - Custom reports are provided to your company by Gotransverse upon your request. This type of report is optional and is located inside the folder labeled with your company name. This folder is not shown if there are no Custom Reports available. For instructions on running a Custom Report, see Running a Report.
Note: If you have reports created in the previous Gotransverse reporting tool, you have the option to select Reports>>Adhoc Reports, which contains all the reports that you built. Otherwise, select Reports>> Gotransverse Reports to view Standard reports and create new Interactive reports.

Gotransverse also offers Premier Data Access. Using either Snowflake, your preferred tool, or a SQL tool with a Snowflake connector, you can query and view large amounts of your GTV data like product catalog, tax, and payment data. Alternatively, you can receive data extracts from GTV which are pre-defined downloads of your GTV data. Export of the data is ideal for data-driven businesses that require additional reporting capabilities, data visualization, or merging of data sets for comprehensive data analytics.