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Payment Actions

Payment Actions are configured on the Payment Rules and Actions page. From the Gotransverse Navigation bar, select Receivables >> Payment Rules and Actions and scroll down to the Actions pane.

Payment Actions are part of Gotransverse's Action Framework. Payment Actions result in an event occurring outside of Gotransverse when a payment is received from the Customer.

Gotransverse has two Categories of Payment Actions:

  • One Time Payment - triggered by a one-time payment
  • Recurring Payment - triggered by a recurring payment

Each of these Categories can have the following Payment Actions

  • HTTP Request Operations - This Payment Action executes an API call. A URL can be configured with User ID and password to enable integration to external web services sending payment specific information from Gotransverse to the external system. The HTTP Post occurs when the Payment Action has occurred.
  • Email Operations - An e-mail is sent automatically to a specific person to inform that person that the Payment Actions has occurred.

The Actions Details section enables you to create a Payment Action for future use. With no check mark in the check box, the Payment Action is not enabled and is not used. This feature saves you time when setting up your Payment Actions.