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Billing Actions

For Billing Actions, go to Rating & Billing>>Billing Management to display the Billing Management page. Scroll down to the Actions pane to add, change, or delete one or more Billing Actions.

Billing Actions are part of Gotransverse's Action Framework. A Billing Action is an optional feature that triggers events using email notifications or HTTP Posts based on configured thresholds. For example, Billing Actions can make HTTP calls that send information to an external web service when an invoice is created. Another Billing Action could be configured to send customized notifications to customers who have overdue invoices. Both HTTP and Email calls are automated and configurable. Gotransverse has the following two Billing Action categories relating to Invoices:

  • Invoice Generated - An Invoice Generated action is triggered by the creation of an invoice. When an invoice is made available by a Bill Cycle run, Gotransverse can send a notification to a specified recipient that the invoice has been generated. Moreover, you can use this Action to remind customers that they will be invoiced soon.
  • Invoice Overdue - An Invoice Overdue action is triggered by a customer's payment failure so that you can begin Dunning (Delinquent User Notification) management . This process involves customer communication at configurable intervals.

You can configure specific Billing management tasks to an Action with two types of operations:

  • Email - Email notifications are sent to your customer or another individual. Use the email operation to send customized Notifications at specified intervals based on a template. For dunning purposes, you can configure multiple email operations so that a Customer is notified at set intervals. For example, an Action can be configured to send emails at 30, 60, and 90 days before or after payment is due.
  • HTTP Post - HTTP calls send information or requests to a defined URL. You can configure a URL with a User ID and password to enable integration with web services outside Gotransverse.
Note: Invoices must be created by running a Bill Cycle before these actions can be triggered.