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Usage Rule Actions

For Product Actions, go to Products >> Product Catalog. Select the Product you need and click its name. The Product Details page opens. Scroll down to the Actions pane to add one or more Product Actions to your Product.

Usage Rules Actions are part of Gotransverse's Action Framework. A Usage Rule Action can be used to set a configurable threshold that when crossed generates a near real-time action such as sending a subscription renewal email or making a web services call to an external program.

A typical configuration for a rating action would be to notify a customer when they have reached 70%, 85%, and 100% of their usage limit. The 70% and 85% thresholds can trigger emails to notify the customer of their account status. The 100% threshold means their allowance has been met, and therefore, further usage is declined and no further rating is performed.

A Product Usage Rule Action must have a defined threshold value at which the action is launched. Additionally, if the action initiates an email or a web services call, then the appropriate configurations should be made for those.


  • The action is initiated every time the threshold is reached. That is, if the threshold is passed, then the usage file is voided and as additional usage is processed, the action would take place a second time.
  • Be aware that re-rating at billing time could cause the action to be triggered again.
  • If multiple service periods are open for rating and the threshold is reached in two or more service periods, the action commences for each period.
  • For rollover allowances, the rollover value is calculated in the threshold. For example, if a product has a monthly allowance of 100 minutes and there are 50 minutes rollover, then the threshold is calculated from 150, not 100.