Use the Products menu for options to create new products, edit and mange your products as well as discounts. In the Products menu in the Gotransverse Navigation Bar, the following options are available:

Additional Fees - Set up additional fees and taxes. Additional fees enable you to calculate debit and credit charges based on the purchased products and to apply that fee either once per qualified product or once per qualified product category.

Agreements - Define agreements. An agreement contains the terms through which you offer the product to your customers.

Categories - Group products into categories. Product categories enable you to provide higher level and more cost-effective customer service.

Discounts - Create Discount codes for products. Gotransverse's discounts enable you to handle promotions, while automatically controlling the duration that the discount can be applied.

Marketplaces and Price Lists - Set up a distribution channel. Marketplaces and price lists enable you to control the products available to users and set up distribution channels.

Product Catalog - Define products and set their prices. View all the details associated with a product and manage the product with the actions listed below.

  • Actions - Assign actions to occur when thresholds are met. Product actions result in an event occurring outside Gotransverse.
  • Activity Charge Rules - Assign charge rules to a product. Activity charge rules detect a condition in an event and evaluate whether that condition is true or false.
  • Prices - Set one-time and recurring prices for a product. Setting a price for your product is required to make it available for sale.
  • Related Products - Associate related products. Use the Related Products pane to associate other existing and defined products that may be required to be sold at the same time as this product, or may be marketed and cross-sold at the same time as this product.
  • Service Custom Fields - Capture information unique to your business on accounts, orders, and services.

Tags - Use tags to identify products that have one or more common characteristics and group products that are best suited for a specific function or task.