Custom Fields

From the Gotransverse Navigation Bar, go to Setup >>Custom Fields to access the Custom Fields page.

Gotransverse supports assigning Custom Fields so that you can capture user-defined information. Custom fields are supported on: Accounts, Products, Orders, Services, Payment Methods and Account Categories. Custom fields behave like any other field and are available in order processing, reporting, account details, invoices, and emails. Once a Custom Field is populated, it can be viewed and changed from the respective Detail pages at any time. Additionally, depending on your configuration, Custom Fields are searchable from the Account or Order Search pages. The information in these fields can be viewed or changed at any time on the Customer Account details page.

There are four types of Custom Fields that enable you to capture additional details:

  • Account - The Account Custom Field is associated with the Customer or Customer Account at the time the Account is created.
  • Account Categories - The Account Categories Custom Field enables you to use that information for your general ledger and reporting purposes.
  • Billing Account -The Billing Account Custom Field is used when defining additional fee rules.
  • Product - The Product Custom Field can be populated either before or after creating a Product entry. Please note that Product Custom Fields cannot be deleted once applied to available products.
  • Order - The Order Custom Field is associated with an Order at the time the Order is created.
  • Service - The Service Custom Field is associated with a sold product during the Order process.
  • Payment Method - The Payment Method Custom Field allows additional information to be collect for a specified payment method used by the Customer.