System Settings

The Company page includes the System Settings pane which enables you to view and change System Settings in Gotransverse that control some of the Gotransverse features. From the Gotransverse Navigation bar, select Admin>>Company and scroll down to the System Settings pane.

The second column is Categories and the System Settings are shown alphabetically by Category. For example, if you are looking for a setting in the Category of Usage, it is on the last page of your System Settings.

When you review the settings in the System Settings pane, observe that some settings have an Edit command and some do not.

  • Settings with the Edit command can be changed and some may be able to be returned to default settings.
  • Settings with NO Edit command cannot be changed and are visible for your information.
Important: Only change some System Settings under specific conditions, such as testing. For example, the System Setting "Allow Multiple Bill Cycles to run" enables running Billing Cycles out of order which can result in incorrect Customer invoices since invoices are cumulative and must be run in their correct order.