Action Framework

Automate your organization’s standard processes and communications by using the Action Framework. The Action Framework powers Gotransverse’s notification management system, which initiates internal or external work flows and notifications. The Action Framework is used for the following:

  • Agreement Actions to define the steps to take when an agreement ends.
  • Billing Actions to send notifications about invoice generation and distribution.
  • Payment Actions to send notifications or take steps depending on the status of a customer’s payment.
  • Product Actions to require approvals or take steps when a product status or quantity is changed.
  • Usage Rule Actions to initiate customer communications based on usage thresholds.

Gotransverse's Action Framework enables you to select triggers and associate them with actions. Triggers are events that occur in Gotransverse. Typically, a trigger event is a threshold met or status change. Whenever the event occurs, an action can be initiated. Actions are the different ways you can configure Gotransverse to respond to trigger events. For every action you must configure a trigger. This association between triggers and actions is key to the Action Framework.

Some examples of triggers are:

  • The end of a subscription
  • A threshold for usage consumption
  • An overdue invoice
  • An account action such as a refund or recurring payment
  • The distribution of invoices
  • An event related to a product such as a service or quantity change
  • The status of a customer’s payment

An action can be:

  • FTP - FTP actions enable you to send a notification to a system over FTP.
  • Email - Email notifications are sent to your customer or another individual. Use the email operation to send customized notifications at specified intervals based on a template that you configure.
  • HTTP Post - HTTP calls send information or requests to a defined URL. You can configure a URL with a User ID and password to enable integration with web services outside Gotransverse.
  • Approval Operations - A Product can be configured to require an approval before an order completes. This action keeps the order in Pending status until it is approved. The approval is made either manually through the Gotransverse GUI or automatically through the API from an external system. All related services are activated only after the approval has taken place.

To use the Action Framework, you might need to configure:

  • Notifications and notification templates to send automated emails from Gotransverse concerning certain events. Gotransverse provides default templates for each of these emails, but you can edit them to fit your business needs.
  • Usage rules to set a configurable threshold that, when crossed generates a near real-time action, such as sending a subscription renewal email or making a web service call to an external program.
  • External applications to configure services for events that happen outside of Gotransverse.