Gotransverse Integration

Gotransverse's (SFDC) integration provides a seamless interface between your accounts and order process in SFDC and your product catalog and billing processes in Gotransverse. The integration functions through a native adapter running in the environment. You can download, install, and configure the adapter without development. The adapter is non-intrusive and can run with any current SFDC customizations.

Read below for an overview of the integration, details about data mapping and workflows, and instructions for getting started with the adapter.


The Gotransverse Adapter forms a bridge between your Gotransverse and SFDC instances, seamlessly displaying data stored in each system in the other system. The adapter also creates orders in Gotransverse based on Opportunities in SFDC, allowing customer operations to stay in SFDC while handling Order-to-Cash in Gotransverse.

The diagram below illustrates the functionality of the integration. The Gotransverse Product Catalog is synced into the SFDC Pricebook and SFDC accounts are imported into Gotransverse. From there, users can follow the Opportunity workflow in SFDC with access to all the products from the Gotransverse Product Catalog. Opportunities can be automatically or manually converted into Gotransverse orders. All orders, transactions, and invoices that take place in Gotransverse are also displayed in the SFDC Account, meaning that users without Gotransverse access can still create orders and keep track of billing accounts.

Understanding the Integration

Stored In SFDC Stored in Gotransverse
Accounts* Product Catalog
Quotes Sales Orders
  Account Billing History

*SFDC accounts are established in Gotransverse when you configure the integration. Any changes to account details need to be manually added to Gotransverse.

Product Catalog

The Gotransverse Product Catalog maps to the SFDC Price Book. The adapter syncs the Gotransverse product catalog into a new pricebook. When you create an Opportunity in SFDC, you can include products from your entire Gotransverse Product Catalog. In the Pricebook, you see the Gotransverse Product Name, Product Type, and Product Description.

The products synched into the SFDC pricebook support the same pricing available in Gotransverse; you can configure one-time, recurring, or usage-based pricing for products within SFDC.

SFDC Pricebook View


SFDC accounts map to Gotransverse accounts. The adapter imports your SFDC accounts into Gotransverse as billing accounts. New accounts you create in SFDC can be manually added to Gotransverse. As account billing history is updated in Gotransverse, it can be seen in the account in SFDC.

SFDC | Gotransverse Account Fields

In the SFDC account, you see both account information from SFDC and account billing history from Gotransverse.

SFDC Account View

SFDC Billing Account Detail View

Sales Orders

Sales orders map to SFDC Opportunities. The Opportunity and Sales Order are linked via Gotransverse Order number. Learn How: Creating Sales Orders

Within the opportunity, you're able to configure all details available in Gotransverse, including:

  • Add subscription, add-on, one-time products

  • Override order date

  • Recurring or One-Time Pricing and override prices

  • Quantity of product selected

  • Line item description

  • Recurrence Period for service

  • Agreement, required or mandatory with end action and override date

  • Query service identifier or add new service identifier

  • Service Custom Fields configurable

  • Schedule One-Time Charges for products

  • Define service hierarchy for add-on products

  • Discount codes for products

  • Flat amount discount for opportunity

Below is a view of an SFDC opportunity containing products from Gotransverse, next to the sales order created from it.

Opportunity in SFDC | Sales Order in Gotransverse

Getting Started


The Gotransverse adapter is a managed SFDC package.

Before You Begin:

Contact Engineering Professional Services at and request the current package URL.

To install the package:

1. Navigate to the URL provided by EPS.

2. Log in to with your SFDC credentials.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions.


When you've installed the package, you need to configure the integration settings.

In your Salesforce Dashboard, navigate to Tract Configure.

Enter your configuration information and select Save Gotransverse Configurations.

Gotransverse URL Your Gotransverse production or sandbox URL.
Username, Password Credentials for an API user for your Gotransverse instance.
Order Status Orders created from SFDC will have this status in Gotransverse (FINAL, DRAFT).
Create Tract Account Create a Gotransverse account for each new SFDC account?
Discount Product Define the Gotransverse product used for order-level discounts.
Store SFDC Account Id Field in Gotransverse to store the SFDC account ID in (External Account Number, Custom fields).
Sync Tract Products Starts a manual sync of product catalog data from Gotransverse to SFDC.

Creating Sales Orders

To create a Gotransverse Sales Order from SFDC:

  1. Create an Opportunity.
  2. Add products to the opportunity using the Add Gotransverse Product button. You can add multiple products to an opportunity.
  3. Configure any agreements, recurrence, or service resources for the product.
  4. Create the Sales Order from the opportunity. There are two ways to create a Sales Order from an Opportunity: 
    • Moving an Opportunity to stage Closed (Won)
    • Clicking the Create Order button in an Opportunity in any stage