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Help Center Best Practices

In order to provide you fast and efficient support, we ask that you do the following:

  • Make your support ticket as descriptive as possible.
  • Include information about the affected entity, if applicable.
  • Include any steps needed to reproduce the issue, such as URL, login and password, or any other identifying information like account number, payment number, or invoice number for the data in question.
  • Attach screenshots, reports, or other files that provide additional information about the issue.
  • Keep in mind the following response times based on service level agreements:
Severity Level Definition Response
1 Gotransverse is down, inaccessible by customer, or is generating an error that is creating an immediate disruption of customer business activity. A level one issue is immediately acted upon to determine an expedited work-around and resolution. Gotransverse gives the customer a status update via telephone or email every hour until the issue is closed.
2 Issue is causing errors in the data but not immediately disrupting customer business activity. A level two issue is assigned to a support engineer within two business hours. Gotransverse gives the customer a status update at least once every 24 hours until the issue is resolved.
3 Issue is not causing errors in the data or disrupting customer business activity, but the solution is not working according to specifications. Gotransverse addresses a level three issue with a plan to resolve in a future release.
4 Issue is a question or training concern. Gotransverse addresses a level four issue with a written response that either resolves the issue or a proposed plan to resolve the issue within two business days of when the issue is logged.
5 Issue is a new work request or a change to customer business rules that requires configuration or code development to resolve. Gotransverse works with customer to develop requirements. Once the requirements are jointly approved, Gotransverse provides a project plan and time-line for resolution.