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The Scheduler microservice provides an easy-to-use method for automating and tracking Dunning, Usage Mediation Service, and ERP runs. Users can configure scheduled jobs at Cron intervals to complete tasks including data transfer to outside ERP systems, dunning account evaluation, and General Ledger collector runs. The Scheduler page allows manual execution of job runs and audits of failed, incomplete, processing and completed runs.

To create a scheduled job:

  1. Select the Scheduler microservice from the application menu. Click Setup.
  2. From the Setup action menu, click Create System Job.
  3. Choose the Type field to display any additional custom fields. For more information on populating the Type drop-down list, please consult your Gotransverse implementation contact.
  4. Enter the required fields and click Create to finish creating the job. The job cannot be edited once created.

This job will now run at the set Run Interval. However, the job can be executed manually from the Run Manager action menu by clicking Create Job Run and selecting the desired job.

Scheduled Job Statuses

The Run Manager screen displays all created jobs with the columns common across job types; you must view the particular run for additional details specific to that job type.

The available statuses for job runs and the actions available at each status are:

Status Description Actions
Created The run has been created but is neither completed nor able to be submitted



Preview Job is staged and ready to be reviewed for submission or deleted.



Processing Job is currently running and cannot be adjusted. No available actions at this stage.
Submitted Job has been submitted and is currently finalizing completion. No available actions at this stage.
Completed Job has completed and has either evaluated all respective accounts or transferred data to an outside ERP system. No available actions at this stage.
Incomplete Job has partially completed. Please view the details of the run for more information on the job run. No available actions at this stage.