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Presenting Gotransverse 2.0

Welcome to the future of cloud-based billing. We have listened to, studied, and considered feedback from our customers and have built a better and more modern user interface that makes powerful, complex features easier to use. This product launch is not just about new fonts, colors, and icons. It’s about providing a better experience for our users. With the Gotransverse 2.0 user interface, you can be more productive with a solution that fits into your environment and doesn’t force you to change business process flows.

Key features:

  • Modern, reactive user interface for mobile and desktop devices
  • Enhanced, intuitive navigation that accelerates onboarding
  • API-driven user interface
  • Compatible system architecture that enables our customers to run Gotransverse 2.0 in parallel with Gotransverse 1.0
  • User-configurable table layouts that enables you to define and organize data
  • Simplified data export at the Gotransverse 2.0 table level

We have considered Gotransverse’s distinctive user groups and endeavored to make their jobs easier. The initial Gotransverse 2.0 release includes the most common features used by Customer Service Representatives (CSRs):













Future releases of Gotransverse 2.0 will focus on other user groups: Product Managers, Billing Managers, and System Administrators.

This user guide will help you to get up and running quickly with Gotransverse 2.0. If you are looking for documentation for the previous version of the user interface, visit the User Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the same login for Gotransverse 1.0 and Gotransverse 2.0?

Yes, you can use the same login for both systems.

Is all the functionality of Gotransverse 1.0 available in Gotransverse 2.0?

This first release includes CSR functionality. The duration of each development phase has not been fully determined, but our plans call for application feature parity to be completed before the end of the first quarter of 2018.

How long are you planning to support Gotransverse 1.0?

We will continue to support Gotransverse 1.0 until all of our customers have transitioned to the Gotransverse 2.0 platform.  There is no specific date when the transition will be completed, but until then all functionality such as bill cycles and product configuration are available in Gotransverse 1.0.

Will I be required to migrate any data before I can use Gotransverse 2.0?

No, there is no data migration required.  Gotransverse 2.0 uses the same business processes and back-end database as Gotransverse 1.0.

How do I submit product feature requests and product defects?

Please contact Support to report any issues.

What should I do if I don’t find a needed feature in the UI?

All the features you have become used to are still available in the previous UI. As development on Gotransverse 2.0 continues, more features will be made available.

What do I have to configure or do?

Gotransverse 2.0 uses the same configurations that the previous interface used. For more information on configurations, see System Configuration.

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