Gotransverse API Reference

Learn more about the Gotransverse API JSON REST microservices and how you can leverage them to meet the needs of your organization.

Looking for XML API resources? See the API Reference for the Gotransverse XML SOAP and REST API.

Billing Create and manage billing accounts, products, orders, services, billing, invoicing, payments, and the general ledger. This microservice provides core functionality for the Gotransverse billing platform.
Tax Essentials Create and manage tax tables and calculate taxes for products and services without the need for a third party tax service.
Usage Processing Pipeline Submit usage for rating asynchronously.
Usage Processing Pipeline Webhook Receive callbacks with rating results via API webhooks.
Stored Value Service Create and manage stores and prepaid registers to enable customers to fund a register and then draw down on the balance through usage consumption.
Dunning Create and manage Dunning Plans and Tiers to assist with the collection of accounts receivable.
Currex Store and manage multiple collections of exchange rates for the enabled currencies.
General Ledger Retrieves and stores objects for General Ledger purposes.
Certificates Store and manage certificates for mutual TLS authentication for a tenant. Authentication enhances security between GTV and your host.