Creating Tax Tables and Tax Table Entries

A tax table is a container of tax table entries used for the lookup service. You can create as many tax table entries as you need, for example, a separate tax table entry for each country, region, city, or company with different tax rates.

Tax table entries provide a way to configure different levels of taxes to be applied to your products (state, federal, city tax) and organize your products due to the tax rates that need to be applied.

Note: In the United States, sales tax varies from state to state, while cities may also have a separate tax. Besides, different tax rates are introduced to various product groups, for example, in some states, food is taxed but clothes is not; in others, only separate food items may be not taxed, and so on.

Tax table entries

Tax table entries are used for storing parameters for taxations. Each tax table entry is identified by the code which provides a way to link a tax table entry to the needed charge category that is later associated with taxable products. A tax table entry contains details about the tax, meaning the description, rate, type, level, and the date since when it becomes valid.

To add a new tax table entry to the tax table, use the following endpoint and enter proper parameter values.

You can add several tax table entries at once.