Gotransverse External Taxes

With Gotransverse Tax Essentials, you can create and manage tax tables and calculate taxes for products and services without the need for a third party tax service.


Tax table: a container for storing tax table entries. Tax tables are used when configuring the External Tax processor.

Tax table entry: used for storing parameters for taxations. Each tax table entry is identified by the code which provides a way to link a tax table entry to the needed charge category that is later associated with taxable products. Also, tax table entry includes all details about the tax, meaning tax rate, type, level, and other parameters.

Account category: used to sort billing accounts by geographic location and type of account, control the terms of payment on a billing account basis, and restrict access to billing accounts or any other category that is appropriate for the needs of your company.

Charge category: provides a way to categorize prices and revenues. For example, you can group your prices and revenues by product or type of service for reporting purposes.

Bill cycle: used to view and define periods during which the usage information is collected to calculate the bill for a customer.

External Taxes Setup

To configure External taxes in Gotransverse, first, you need to:

  1. Configure system parameters.
  2. Add tax tables and tax table entries.
  3. Add charge categories.
  4. Add the External Tax processor.
  5. Calculate taxes.

Configuring system parameters

To configure the tax service, make sure the following system parameters have proper settings. In the Gotransverseuser interface 1.0, go to Admin > Company > System Settings and make sure parameters have the following values:

Parameter Value
Mandatory Billing Address True
Mandatory Service Address False
Determines whether to use Billing or Service address for tax calculations BILLING_ADDRESS
Calculate Tax During Order True
Show save draft order True

To enable the Tax Inclusive functionality with the Tax Rounding correction:

Parameter Value
Product Taxation Mode INCLUSIVE
Tax Rounding Correction True

For more information about the Tax Inclusive functionality and balancing rounded and nonrounded tax amounts, refer to Inclusive Taxes and Tax Rounding.

Note: To find needed parameters more easily, use the Filter button. To edit the parameter’s value, click Edit, select the needed value from the list, and then click Finish.