External Tax Processor

To add the External Tax processor:

  1. In Gotransverse UI 1.0, go to Admin > Integration.
  2. In the Tax Processor pane, click Add.

    Note: If you already have a tax processor and need to change it, click Edit in the Tax Processors table.

  3. In the Tax Processor Type field, select External Tax.
  4. Next to Default Tax Category, click Add and fill in the needed information:
    • Name—enter the name for the Tax charge category.
    • Status—select the status of the Tax charge category.
    • Description—enter the additional information about the Tax charge category.
    • Note: If you already have a tax charge category created, select it from the list.

  5. 5. In the URL field, type the URL of the needed tax environment.
    For example, http://example-tax.gotransverse.com/tax/1/
  6. In the Tax Table field, type the name of the table that you created via API.
  7. (Optional) If you need to associate account categories to tax company codes so that the correct tax rates are used for a billing account in a given account category, select the Use Multiple Companies check box.

    Note: Once you have selected the Use Multiple Companies check box, in the Default Company Code field, enter the code associated with the company which tax rate you want to be used by default.

  8. In the Company Code field, type a code for the business entity so that the correct tax rates are applied to a billing account associated with a given business category
  9. In the Location Code field, type the code that is used to identify a particular store location.

    Note: The Company Code and Location Code fields are not available if you selected Use Multiple Companies.

  10. (Optional) If you want taxes to be calculated by each invoice line item, select the Calculate by Item check box.
  11. In the Authentication Type field, select the type of Authentication that you used for creating tax table with entries.
  12. In the API Key field, type the authorization key provided to you by Gotransverse.