Dunning Plans and Tiers

Dunning provides a way to set up tiered Dunning Plans to assist with collection of accounts receivable. For example, a Dunning Plan may include a friendly payment reminder email one day prior to due date, formal payment request email 15 days after the due date, and a change of account status to 'Suspended' 30 days after the due date. Plans are applied at the billing account level, allowing companies to provide configurable Dunning Plans on a customer-by-customer basis if desired.

The Dunning Plan serves as a top-level container of tiers that includes the dunning strategy and the overall balance required to trigger an account to be evaluated for dunning. Each Dunning Plan can have several tiers used as levels of severity of the actions to be taken. Dunning Plan tiers include the criteria for which the tier should be applied and what dunning action should be taken.

Dunning Setup

To set up dunning, you have to complete the following steps:

  1. Create a Dunning Plans with tiers.
  2. Set up Gotransverse user interface (1.0).
    1. Enable Gotransverse integration with dunning.
    2. Create email templates for dunning tiers.
    3. Set up email templates.
    4. Set up dunning notifications.
  3. Assign dunning plan to the billing account.
  4. Create a scheduled job and run it.