Rate Sets History

The following command provides a way to see the history of a given rate set:

GET http://example-currency.gotransverse.com/currex/2/rate-sets/{rate_set_id}/history

Here is a sample response that we received when retrieving the history of the rate set that was previously created.


  "id": 87,
  "entity_id": 1187,
  "root_entity_id": 698,
  "start_date": null,
  "end_date": null,
  "change_type": "INSERT",
  "description": "'USD to EUR'[Override Rate: ' ' was updated to '0.9']",
  "grouping_key": null,
  "user_id": null,
  "entity_type": "CONVERSION_RATE",
  "entity_sub_type": "CONVERSION",
  "created_on": "2018-11-28T09:39:21.55Z",
  "created_by": "tenant_name"