Gotransverse presents data in table format for ease of viewing.

How Do You Access Tables?

You see data presented in table format when you click accounts workspace tabs and detail tabs.

How Do You Interact with Tables?

You can select which columns to include and exclude from view, sort search results, and export visible table contents to a CSV file format. To see more information about a table value, click the Details icon icon.

Sorting Table Results

To sort search table results alphanumerically, click a column header.

Sort table data

The table results sort into alphanumeric order according to the selected column.

Adding or Removing Table Columns

To add or remove table columns to display additional or different data, do one of the following:

  • To add columns to table results, click on the Columns menu and select check boxes next to column headers you want to add.
  • To remove columns from table results, click on the Columns menu and clear check boxes next to column headers you want to remove.
  • Clicking Restore Defaults returns column headers to the default selection.

Reordering Table Columns

You can move table columns to a new position in the table. If you leave the Gotransverse application and return, the table column location choices persist for your user account.

To reorder a table column, click and drag a column header to a new location in the table.

Exporting Table Contents

To export table contents that are visible in the panel to a comma-separated-value (CSV) file, do the following:

  1. Click Export.
  2. Export to CSV

  3. Save the CSV file or open it with an application that can process CSV files, such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers.

Note: To adjust the number of table results visible in the panel, select a number in the items per page menu.

Items per page