A service is a product that has been sold to the customer and is created for a billing account during the order process. Both one-time and subscriptions products can be viewed as services after the order.

Accessing Services

On the Services page, you can view a list of Recurring Services or One-Time Services.

Note: You can find desired services by using Search and applying various filters.

  • Recurring Services—Lists services that are subscriptions and add-on products requiring recurring charges.
  • One-Time Services—Lists unique and non-unique products paid for once without a recurring charge.

    Note: You also can drill down to the details of any service listed by clicking the service record.

Viewing Services

You can view services in a standard list view or switch to the hierarchy that visualizes the parent-child relations between services for the specified billing account.

  • To view the service hierarchy, click in the upper-right corner of the service details page.
  • To switch back to the list view, click in the upper-right corner of the service hierarchy page.

Recurring Services

This section covers the functionality for services with recurring charges. The following actions are available:

To see the actions that you can perform on services for one-time products, please see the One-Time Services section.

One-Time Services

One-Time Services stand for one-time products that your customers have purchased. With Gotransverse user interface, you can edit details about the service and cancel the scheduled charges.