Service Hierarchy

Gotransverse provides a graphical service hierarchy that displays each service and its relationship with child subscription and add-on services. The hierarchy view allows you to easily view the relationships between existing services on an account, quickly move between multiple layers of add-ons, and view key information for multiple services at a single glance.

Note: The service hierarchy is best utilized when exploring service relationships of up to 4 levels and after initial filtering on the Services search page.

Once you switch to the Service hierarchy view, you can view service details and perform the needed actions without navigating to each dedicated service page.

Navigating the service hierarchy

On the left of the Service hierarchy view, you can see the root level service with the child and grandchild services expanding to the right. If a user navigates directly to the hierarchy view from the table view, they will only see the root level of services in that table. Once a service has been selected or once the view is changed from a service detail view, the child services will display.

  • Click the desired service to visualize the hierarchy of its child services. Once you click a service, it becomes focused and the hierarchy displays its child services only.
  • Click the return button which returns you one level higher in a hierarchy to access a parent service.

When navigating the Service hierarchy, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. When the return button becomes disabled , it means you have reached the root service level.
  2. If a service has a blue right border, this service has the associated child services. Click it to expand the service hierarchy.

  3. In the Service details pane on the right, you can see more information about the selected service. To see more details, click the desired service.

    Note: The focused service which information is detailed on the right is highlighted in blue.

Performing service actions

Gotransverse provides a way to perform actions on services displayed in a hierarchy without navigating to each service page.

  1. On the Services page, click the hierarchy view button .
  2. Click the action menu of the desired service, select the needed action, and then enter the required information depending on the option that you selected:
    • Deactivate the service.
    • Suspend the service.
    • Resume the service (available for Suspended services only).
    • Create Change Order on the desired service.
    • Convert the trial service to Active (available for Trial services only).
    • View Activity Allowances of the desired service.
    • Edit the desired service.
    • Note: For more information about actions, refer to the Services page.