Payment Methods

The payment method refers to the form of payment customers use. Gotransverse enables you to specify the payment method and currency that your Payment Gateways accept for one-times payments or auto-payments. A Payment Gateway is an online payment processor that connects to Gotransverse so that you can accept a variety of payment options. During the order process, the configured payment methods and currencies are available to the user. Typically, available payment methods are configured by an administrator. Cash and checks are supported by default for every payment gateway, but electronic payments such as credit cards are used for auto-payments. An electronic payment is any kind of non-cash payment that doesn't involve cash or a paper check. Gotransverse supports multiple active payment methods on a single billing account, and one can be designated as a method for auto-payments. Methods of payments include credit cards, debit cards and the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network.

Adding a Payment Method

When you add a Payment Method, it is stored in the Customer's billing account and can be viewed or deactivated at any time.

You can designate the payment method to be used for auto-payments. If a customer has chosen to make auto-payments it might become necessary to update the information. For example, you can change the expiration date if it has passed and the customer wants to give you a new expiration date.

  1. Select Customer Billing from the Gotransverse action menu , then search for or select the Customer.
  2. From the Account action menu, select Add Payment Method.
  3. In the Create Account Payment Method window, select a Payment Method.

    Depending on the payment method that you select, you are prompted to fill in different sets of fields to complete creating the payment method:

    Note: You can add payment method custom fields in UI 1.0 and use them in UI 2.0.

  4. Once you have entered all required information, click Add Method.

Note: You can also add a recurring payment method when creating a payment by clicking the corresponding link.

Managing Payment Methods

After you have added a new payment method, you can view and deactivate it if desired.

Viewing Payment Methods

To view payment methods associated with a billing account:

  1. Navigate to the desired billing account and click the Summary tab.
  2. Click the Payment Methods detail tab.

You can find all configured payment methods with related details in the table.

Deactivating a Payment Method

To deactivate a payment method:

Note: After you deactivated the payment method, it cannot be recovered.

  1. Navigate to the desired billing account and click the Summary tab.
  2. Click the Payment Methods detail tab.
  3. Find the payment method that you want to deactivate and under Actions, click the ellipsis button , and then click Deactivate.

The payment method has been deactivated for this billing account.