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Parent and Child Accounts

Gotransverse account hierarchy enables accounts to be linked in parent-child relationships for reporting purposes and usage allocations pooling. An account hierarchy is headed by one parent account, which has one or more associated child accounts.

Note: To link parent and child accounts in an account hierarchy, ensure that the system setting Enable Account Hierarchy Management is set to True.

How Do You Access Parent and Child Accounts?

To see if the billing account you are viewing has a parent account, navigate to the Summary tab, Account Information section. Click the parent account to view its Account Workspace.

view parent account in account information section

To see if the billing account you are viewing has child accounts, navigate to the Summary tab, Child Accounts details tab. Click a child account to view its Account Workspace.

view child account in child account details tab

What Happens When you Associate a Parent Account with a Child Account?

After an account hierarchy relationship is configured, you can take advantage of usage allocations pooling. In this feature a parent account combines service usage of child accounts, and the service usage can be distributed among the child accounts as needed.

Adding a Child Account

You can add as many child accounts as needed at one time. When you add a child account to a billing account, the billing account becomes a parent account. To add a child account to a parent account, do the following:

  1. From the Account Action menu select Add Child Account.

  1. In the Browse Accounts window that appears, search for and select billing accounts you want to add as child accounts. Available accounts are automatically shown.

  1. Click Add to Account. The account hierarchy is now active, and the child accounts are visible in the Child Accounts details pane.

Removing a Child Account

To remove a child account from its relationship with a parent account in an account hierarchy, do the following:

  1. Search for and open the parent account.
  2. Navigate to the Summary tab, Child Accounts tab.
  3. From the Actions column choose which child account you want to remove.
  4. Click the (ellipsis) associated with that account, and select Remove.
  5. In the confirmation window that opens, click Yes. The parent account is no longer associated with the removed billing account in an account hierarchy.