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Each order contains details about the products that a customer has purchased, such as subscription information and pricing options. An order also indicates when charges are billed and any other information that might be required for billing purposes. Your customer must have an account before you can enter an order. Orders have the following characteristics:

  • A currency
  • Products, services, or add-ons
  • Pricing options
  • Payment method

How Do You Access an Order?

Firstly, it is recommended that you search for the customer’s account to ensure you will not create a duplicate account unknowingly. You then can create a new account if needed or display an existing account to start an order. On the Account Details page, from the Account Actions menu, select Create an Order to display the Order screen. If you need to edit an existing order, click the Orders tab. All the orders placed on the account are displayed.

What Happens After an Order is Placed?

After the order is placed you can view the order on the Accounts workspace by clicking the Orders tab.

From the Orders tab, click the order number to see the associated details. During the order process the information collected enables the order to be fulfilled, configurations to be applied, and payment to be accepted. For instance, orders might be configured to require approval before they are completed. Order information can appear on the invoice and notifications. Orders also contain information on whom to invoice and contact with other customer communication. During the Bill Cycle run the customer is invoiced for products ordered. There are multiple reports that provide details of the orders that have been processed.

The following statuses are possible for orders:

Status Description
Approved The order is approved, if approval was required. The order can be completed as entered. Approval is separate from completion.
Completed The order has completed processing successfully and has no error and was not canceled. Order details can be viewed from the Order Details page. You can click the Reprint Receipt button to print another copy of the order receipt.
Draft The order is saved before completion for the User to return to it later and complete the order as needed. Details of the order can be changed in Draft status.
In Progress If any actions are available, you can finish incomplete actions, such as the order being Approved. The order can be completed after the action has been taken.
Canceled The order was in a Draft status and was deliberately canceled by the User. You can view but not change a canceled order.

What are the Prerequisites?

Before an Order can be placed, the following components must be configured:

  • Products are defined and made available.
  • Payment gateway and currency are configured for payment methods.

Creating an Order

To create an order, do the following:

  1. From the Account Action menu, click Create Order.

In the Create Order window that is shown you can configure fields as needed for the Order.

  1. Change the date if necessary. An order date can be backdated to the account creation date or the oldest open bill cycle if needed.
  2. From the Configuration Fields menu, add fields as needed.

  1. In the Order Items panel, begin typing the name of the product or click the arrow to display a list of products. Choose the product that the customer has requested.

  1. Optionally, adjust the Order Price and Quantity as needed. These fields have been configured by your administrator and might be required.
  2. Click to configure each product ordered. Some configurations are required while others are optional and are listed as such in the configuration window. You cannot continue placing the order unless required configurations are completed. For details on each configuration, see Order Configuration.

Important: The order cannot be completed until the required configurations have been made.

  1. Continue adding products as needed.
  2. When finished creating the order, click Next.
  3. In the Order Confirmation window that opens, confirm the order's accuracy before placing the order. The order configurations can be hidden by clicking the Hide Configurations button. If you need to change anything, click Back.
  4. To place the order, click Place Order.

Viewing Order Details

On the Accounts workspace, click the Orders tab and click the record of the Order you wish to view.

Editing an Order

  1. On the Accounts workspace, click the Orders tab and click the order record you wish to view.

  1. From the Orders Actions menu, click Edit Order.

  1. The Edit Order page that opens shows the fields that can be changed. Make the necessary changes, including adding or editing notes.

  1. Click to save your changes.

Emailing a Receipt

You can email a copy of the order receipt to a customer with a single click.

To email a receipt to a customer, do the following:

  1. On the Accounts workspace, click the Orders tab and click the order record you wish to view.

  1. From the Orders Action menu, click Send Email Receipt.

The receipt is emailed to the customer's email address as it appears in their account.