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Notes are ideal for recording details about customer interactions. For example, you can log customer phone calls or document reasons for customer account changes. Since Notes are free-form, you can type almost anything you like, without restrictions. You can enter notes directly in the customer’s Account Details page.

How do You Access Notes?

You also can add or edit notes on the customer's Billing Account Workspace which is located by performing an account search. For instructions on searching for a customer's billing account, refer to Search. After you find the billing account, click the billing account number, and then click the Notes Detail tab.

What Happens When You Add a Note?

You can manage Notes on the Billing Account workspace. They do not appear on the invoice or any other customer communications. Notes are saved as a historical record for each of your customers and cannot be deleted. However, you can edit a note at any time as needed.

Creating a Note

To make notes on an account, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Account Action menu, select Create Note.

  1. In the Create Note window that opens, type the information you want to save in the note.
  1. When all the information has been entered, click Create Note or click Create Another to create the note and open another Create Note window.

The note is added to the Notes detail tab and can be edited, but not deleted.

Editing a Note

  1. To edit a note, click the ellipses in the Actions column and choose Edit.

  1. In the Edit Note window that opens, change the note as needed.

  1. When you are done editing the note, click Edit Note to save your changes.