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Contacts identify whom to contact about an account. You can associate multiple addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses with a customer billing account. When you create the customer’s billing account, the customer normally provides a service postal address. The customer also can supply a billing address, a shipping address, and one or more contact numbers. A billing address might be required for certain payment methods, such as credit card. Contacts can be added when you set up a payment method or on the Accounts workspace. Contacts are managed from the Account workspace and can be changed at any time. An account can have an unlimited number of contacts.

If a single postal address is provided, by default that address is assigned to all the following postal address types:

  • Service postal address
  • Billing postal address
  • Shipping postal address

You do not have to create a separate contact if the person that you sold to is also the person that you are billing. You can use one contact for the billing address and the service address.

How Do You Access Contacts?

In the Search field, search for a customer. In the search results, find the customer, and click the customer's account number to view the Account workspace. Click the Contact Details tab to view the contacts that already exist for the account. To create a new contact for an account, select Create Contact from the Account Action menu.

What Happens After You Create a Contact?

You can manage Contacts on the Account workspace. Additionally, you can add a billing contact when you create a payment method for the customer account. Contacts can be deleted or edited at any time as needed.

Creating a Contact

  1. From the Account Action menu, click Create Contact.
  1. In the Create Contact window is displayed, enter the contact information. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  1. Optionally, use the Configure Fields menu to add additional fields if necessary.
  1. When all the information has been entered, click Create Contact or click Create Another to create the contact and open another Create Contact window.

The Contacts list is updated.

Editing Contact Information

  1. In the Contact panel, find the contact you want to edit and click the ellipsis located in the Action menu associated with that record .

  1. Select Edit.
  2. In the Edit Contact window that is displayed, enter the contact information that you need to update or change. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
  1. After you have updated the information, click Edit Contact to save your changes and close the Edit Contact window.