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Bill on Demand

Gotransverse enables you to bill and invoice a customer whenever you need to instead of waiting for a bill cycle run. Use bill on demand to process charges and generate an invoice outside of the account's bill cycle.

How Do You Access Bill on Demand?

From an open billing account, Bill on Demand is in the Account Action menu. For instructions on searching for and opening a customer's billing account, refer to Search.

What Happens When You Run Bill on Demand?

When you bill an account outside of the bill cycle, Gotransverse calculates charges according to the end date you specify on the bill on demand. If there are additional charges between when the bill on demand runs and the end of the next bill cycle, those charges are included in the next bill cycle run. Conversely, if a bill on demand includes all charges that would have appeared on the next regular bill cycle run, then the next bill cycle run doesn't produce an invoice.

Important: If you run bill on demand on an account, the account's regular bill cycle will not run until the bill on demand is approved and closed, canceled, or deleted. A bill on demand must be approved to produce an invoice. At this time, you can approve, close, cancel or delete a bill on demand in the previous version of the user interface.

Running Bill on Demand

To run bill on demand do the following:

  1. From the Account Action menu, select Bill on Demand.

Create bill on demand

  1. In the Bill on Demand window that appears, enter the requested information. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  1. Click Bill on Demand.