Product Catalog

The Gotransverse Product Catalog enables you to maintain product information and pricing for all products and services that you offer. You can quickly create new products, set pricing rules, and define relationships and dependencies that determine what is sold.

Designed to be flexible, the Product Catalog allows for multiple product and service configurations that help you meet business objectives and manage your customer's ever-changing buying behavior.

GTV's Product Catalog provides you with the ability to:

  • Define tiered and tapered pricing models that include multiple currencies, pre and post-paid products, additional fees and taxes, quantity based products, usage charge rules, and allowances.
  • Offer cross service and account discounts that are percentage based or flat amount.
  • Associate related products together for bundling or cross-sell through parent, child, recommended, and incompatible product relationships.
  • Create price lists for various distribution channels and market segments.
  • Define custom fields such as license keys or third-party service contract numbers.
  • Synchronize product details across CRM. For many of our customers, GTV is the Product Catalog of record. We also offer the flexibility to use another system for the product catalog that interacts with GTV via open API.


The Product Catalog includes the following components:

Component Description
Products Subscription, add-on, and one-time product types.
Prices One-time and recurring prices per product per recurrence period per currency.
Marketplaces Price Lists Market segmentation and distribution channels.
Usage Rules Tapers, tiers, and allowances when thresholds are met.
Agreements Terms, renewal actions, and early termination penalties.
Discounts Time-bound discounts, promotions, and free trials.
Categories Grouping and organization of products.
Custom Fields Enabled at the product level and assigned values at the service level during ordering.

The following diagram shows the relationship between components in GTV's Product Catalog.


The Product Catalog - Full Access security authority controls full access to the Product Catalog application. See Administration for more information about users, roles, and security authorities.

Setup Overview

The following steps walk you through creating a product that can be added to an order. After you create the product, you can further define it by performing additional configuration steps.

  1. Set up product prerequisites in UI 1.0:
  2. Create a product.
  3. Configure product pricing and product relationships.
  4. Configure usage rules, agreements, discounts, product tags, and service custom fields via UI 1.0.
  5. Configure product actions via UI 1.0.