Gotransverse API Overview

This overview is for the original Gotransverse XML SOAP and REST APIs. For information about the newer Gotransverse JSON REST API, see our newest developer center.

The Gotransverse API at a glance:

Request Format SOAP XML, REST XML
Response Format XML
Last released version 1.33
WSDL for SOAP requests
Root for REST requests


You need a Gotransverse user account with the API User role to access the API.
Learn more: Assigning Roles to a User

Gotransverse uses basic authentication. Your credentials are your Gotransverse username and password, colon delimited, passed in base64: username:password --> base64 encoded string.


Gotransverse credentials testuser:passw0rd!
Encoded credentials dGVzdHVzZXI6cGFzc3cwcmQh
Authorization in request* Authorization: Basic dGVzdHVzZXI6cGFzc3cwcmQh

*format of basic authentication varies between languages

Gotransverse Entities, Objects, and Queries

The terminology used in the API documentation may be slightly different than what you've seen before. Just in case, see the explanations below.

Entities Types of objects in Gotransverse, or accessible stored information. Examples: billing accounts (BillingAccount), adjustments (Adjustment), lookup tables (RateTable).
Objects Specific instances of Entities. Examples: a specific billing account ("Account Number: 100"), a product ("Premium Subscription"), a category ("Discount category: Fall Promotion".
Query Retrieving Objects through a REST GET or SOAP Query command. You query Entities to return instances of that Entity (Objects).

Where to Go Next

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